Healthcare Software

We created custom software to fit our needs. It is called HEAT and is an acronym for Home Health End-to-End Automated Transaction. It is designed to automate day to day health care activities, improve business efficiency, and improve organization.


HEAT is written primarily for Microsoft Excel. While using the program, users with knowledge of Excel will notice HEAT's familiar layout. For software licensing and additional information, contact:


We have included many screenshots of our software below. If you'd like to learn more or view a live demo, we can do that too. Click the Show/Hide button to show screenshots for each section. Click any image to view a larger version.

HEAT patient information database (zoomed out)

Show/Hide Admin Panel

Main Menu

Compose Medical Records 1

Compose Medical Records 2

Episode Calculator

External Databases

Show/Hide Patient Information

Patients Table

Master Patients Table

Transfer Patients

Patients Sortable by Insurance

Show/Hide Authorization, Eligibility, and Benefits

Visit Authorization

Authorization Due List

Recertification Due List

Show/Hide Vendors, Insurance, Physicians, Employees, Resources (VIPER)






Show/Hide Claims


UB04 Log Report

Medicare Claim Tracking

Non-Medicare Claim Tracking

Show/Hide Medical Records




Visit Tracker

Show/Hide DADS & Medicare Reports

Visit Counts

Patient Census

Admission List by Category

Discharge List by Category

Show/Hide Taxes

IRS Tax Report

Form 940

Form 941 - EFTPS Federal Tax Deposit

Show/Hide Payroll & Check Printing


Paycheck Printing

Paycheck Report

Explanation of Payment

Show/Hide Export Data to Mobile Devices

Export Data to Mobile

Employee Data 1

Employee Data 2

Show/Hide Miscellaneous

HEAT Error Logs

Call Log Record

HEAT has additional features not shown above. Some of these include: scheduling by patient, scheduling by AHP, FUTA and SUTA tax filing,